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To get a place for one of my Home Concerts, write me here! 
Also if you have any question, or a proposal of concert, private concert, concert-exhibitions or any other kind of event, don't hesitate to write me!

Thank you for your message!

Just in case, do you know what it means to prepare a program for a concert?


-at least 3 monthes of very hard work,

-moreover 5 hours everyday of instrumental training,

-no week-ends, did you know that classical musicians almost never take week-end or a day of break? Regularity is the key of our work,

-rehearsals with chamber music partners, in addition to our personnal daily practise, 
-most of the time a lot of travel to be able to rehearse with our partners in different cities or even countries,
-a lot of mental work and mental preparation,

-research about the works that we are interpretating.

You can now understand, that this is truly a fulltime work!

Why am I exposing this reality? Because even if we're passionated about it, please don't forget that this is our profession.

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